city of the lost

rating: PG
genre: General
characters: Atlantis
warnings: None
summary: Just why is Atlantis so loyal to Akuma Shogun?
author's notes: I used to dislike Atlantis immensely. Then I wrote this.


Atlantis doesn't remember much about life before Akuma Shogun and the Devil Knights. He has a few broken memories of escaping a burning forest and falling unconscious, the last survivor of his race... destroyed by the humans who feared them. And then Akuma Shogun came into his life. The fallen War-God, feared by many, had carried him to safety on that cruel night and saved his life. Akuma had taken him in and named him after the Earth city of the sea that had been lost so many years before.

Atlantis had been one of the first Devil Knights along with Ashuraman and Sunshine. Not even five years old when he was marked as a knight. Sunshine was twelve. Ashuraman, the pupil of Satan Cross and proclaimed prince of the knights, was ten. From then, Akuma Shogun trained them mercilessly. Atlantis was indebted to Akuma Shogun, a loyal servant through and through. His loyalty to the God who had saved him saw no bounds.

Atlantis found that he fought best in the water. It probably had something to do with his origins. He developed a devstating legion of strategies to get his opponent underwater, and attacks to use while both underwater and out of it.

As time passed, more Chojins joined their side, and the Devil Knights became stronger. Sunshine and Ashuraman grew impossibly more powerful, maybe even as strong as Akuma Shogun himself, although Atlantis doubted it. Atlantis himself had an impressive Chojin power level, although it was nowhere near Ashuraman's or Sunshine's. Atlantis found himself shunned to the side for the more stronger Devil Knights, like Akuma's newest recruit Buffaloman. He wanted to prove himself to Akuma Shogun, to prove that saving him meant something. Atlantis vowed to hunt down and destroy all Justice Chojins for Akuma.

His loyalty had brought him here. Seven of the Devil Knights had been ordered by Akuma Shogun to compete in the 21st Chojin Crown Olympics - Atlantis was one of them. But the judges had been terrified of their enormous power and ruthless fighting techniques. They had been locked away in space, unable to fight. Being out there had damaged Atlantis' mind, and he had become somewhat insane. But the one thing that kept him going was the loyalty he had to his master; Akuma Shogun.

Finally they were released, too late for the Chojin Crown, but they could still do what Akuma had instructed them to do. They attacked Kinnikuman, the winner of the Chojin Crown. Atlantis had a funny feeling he would not survive. He was one of the weakest Devil Knights after all. But he never forgot: to die serving master Akuma Shogun would be the greatest honour of all.

Maybe Atlantis's loyalty towards Akuma Shogun was blind, almost to the point of ignorance. But in the end, could you really blame him?