fallen angel

Chapter 1: Silence



The sound of fluid dripping from the nearby packet of nutrients was the only sound in this dank hospital room. He had been sperated from those who cared for him, from the one who had saved his life. Turbinski glanced at the bag of nutrients. It had amused him when the nurses realised they couldn't stick it into his arm - he had had both ripped off after all. The confused nurses had ended up putting it it his leg. God that had been painful.



How long was it going to be before the scientists from Russia got here? They were shipping him a new pair of arms. It had already been a week since his match, what was taking them so long?! It felt so degrading having to be helped by the nurses to do things he could have done on his own - if he had his arms. The scientists were probably laughing at him, laughing at the failure he was. Had they abandoned him...?

The darkness of the night sky only illimunated the billboard promoting the Chojin Crown finals. Of course it was Kevin Mask who adorned the billboard. Idiots. Talk about adding insult to injury. The pitter patter of rain hitting the glass brought Turbinski back from the violent thoughts running through his mind. He took a deep breath and lay back against the pillows once more, turning his face away from the window. He tried to think about anything else other then thw man who did this too him.



Turbinski glanced down at his body, feeling naked, even though he wore a hospital gown. Soon after he arrived at the hospital, they had removed his damaged armour, headgear and the fulcrum thruster, which was beyond repair. Doctor Bombay had healed Turbinski's wounds to the best of his abillity, but the healing process had left a large scar running from his neck to his belly button. The doctor had said that the scar would remain there for the rest of his life - a constant reminder of his failure.



He hated not having his armour. Turbinski hated his body, it gave the impression that he was human when clearly he was not. Humans had choice, free will. Robots did not. Robots were created to serve humans - that was all they were supposed to do. And although he had the body of a human, he had the mind of a robot. His surrogate mother, Vera, had tried to convince him for years that he was different. That he was not a robot, but the laborotory's brainwashing could not be removed so easily. He had lived in the lab for as long as he could remember. He knew nothing about his real parents. Turbinski had lied about his so called "family" when he was in the Chojin Crown, he had none. He had lied so that the lab's illegal experiments wouldn't come into the spotlight. The lab's daily routine was drilled into his head: Turbinski would awake at six am sharp, then four hours of non-stop training. Then he had his check up while Vera taught his different languages. Then another six hours training before learning how to mingle with humans, almost as if they were training him to be a spy. Finally he learned about the history of Chojin wrestling, and about the lab's last experiment; the infamous Warsman. Then it time for sleep at ten pm. He was used to this routine, and never fought with the scientists about it, so it came as a surprise when he routine was suddenly stopped and he was shipped off to Japan to fight in the Chojin Crown. He hadn't even competed in any qualifying rounds. Turbinski had a sneaky suspicion that his entry had been bought by the government.



The Russian was getting sick and tired of that sound. He yelled out for a nurse but no-one came. He hadn't even been given a buzzer. What if he had been in a dire emergency? But of course, no-one cared about the losers. He was already forgotten in the eyes of the fans. Those who had screamed his name when he defeated Destruction now yelled for Kevin Mask. Turbinski had ultimately decided that the fans were like sheep and that they blindly flocked who ever was the shepherd. That thought brought up a terryfingly amuisng mental image of Kevin Mask covered in sheep dung which made the Russian laugh hysterically for a few moments.



His thoughts evantually returned to the match, to the agonised pain he felt as his arms were ripped clean off by Kevin's OLAP. It had been so painful that his visor in his headgear had started malfunctioning, evantually breaking all together so he couldn't see anything. His armour and headgear reacted to his body, so it hadn't been all surprising. In the end, it was a good thing that the visor had broken. Turbinski didn't want to imagine what it would have been like to see the ground rushing up to him, unable to stop himself from crashing into the ground. Luckily for him, Meat had been there and saved him, or surely he would have not survived. The thought was enough to traumatize him from ever flying again.



Damn, that sound was going to drive him insane.


Chapter 2: Hero

'It is funny how one minute you can be at the top of the world, and the next you have crashed down to the dirt.' Turbinski wrote the words neatly in his journal. Vera had given him this journal when he had left for the Chojin Crown, but he had only started using it when he had his arms back and was back in Russia. Turbinski had been thrilled to see his surrogate mother once more. The Russian Chojin had been five years old when they first met, Vera was eighteen. She had been employed to be his language tutor. Vera knew many different languages including English, Japanese and German. They only met for two hours a day, but they had hit off immediately. When Turbinski turned ten, Vera had adopted him as her son, despite protests by the lab's top scientist, Adrik.

Turbinski looked up from his bed. His room in the lab was very small and bland, but he liked it. The walls were white. His bed was in the corner, a small nightstand lay beside to keep possessions in, like his journal and other gifts from Vera. The other thing in his room was a television attatched to the wall. A few tapes littered the floor beneath his television, they were the video tapes of Chojin history that he liked to watch now again.

Leaving his journal for the time being, Turbinski climbed off the bed and headed over to the tv. Turbinski hated mess and he stacked the videos into a small neat pile. One video stood out from the others and Turbinski picked it up. He jolted slightly, this one was his favourite, but now he could not bear to watch it. Turbinski and Vera had watched the final match between Kevin Mask and Kid Muscle together. He had watched in sadistic delight as Kevin was defeated by Kid Muscle.

The delight had quickly passed thought and numb disbelief ran through the comrade's veins as the events following the match took place. Lord Flash had revealed himself to be Warsman. The infamous Warmsan who Turbinski had idolised all his life. Turbinski had something akin to a nervous breakdown after watching that match.

The Russian swallowed nervously and pulled the casette out of it's case, pushing it into the video player. Static followed for a few moments before an unsteady sight came onto the screen. This tape was of the King Muscle/Warsman match. Turbinski had all the big fights of the Muscle League legend's days on tape. This one was his favourite. He watched it in silence, not flinching as some violent moves were displayed. Everyone had said that the Kid/Kevin match had been like the King/Robin match. That was not true. Those, like Turbinski, who had seen both matches knew for a fact that those announcers knew nothing. That final match had been more like the King/Warsman match then anything.

Those idiots knew nothing. Turbinski was more agitated now then he would ever admit. The truth was, the Russian was deeply jealous. Warsman had been his hero because the two were more alike then anyone could imagine. The two had been raised in the same laborotary after all. Turbinski felt connected to Warsman. And it hurt even more because Warsman was the one who instructed Kevin to use OLAP. On him. Turbinski didn't see Warsman as his idol anymore.

A quiet click finally brought his attention back to the match. Which had finished. He pulled the casette out of the tape player and placed it on the floor, looking down at it. There was silence.

Finally Turbinski grabbed the video and smashed it violently against the wall. The tape cracked into bits at the force and crumbled at Turbinski's feet. The Russian remained silent.


Chapter 3: Mama

12-year-old Turbinski was in awe as he looked around the store. This was the first time he had ever been out of the laboratory. The young Russian Chojin was not wearing his armour as that would have been too noticeable. Instead he wore some long clothes which covered the only outer parts of his body that were replaced with cybernetics, which included his elbows and knees. He also wore a cap to hide his white hair. Turbinski had never disobeyed the scientists before, but he was desperate to buy Vera a Mother's Day card. He flicked through the cards, none really catching his eye.

"Excuse me..." Turbinski jumped at the voice and span around, eyes wide in surprise. An old woman stood in front of him, "Oh sorry dear, did I startle you?" Turbinski shook his head, willing his heartbeat to return to normal. The old woman slipped a birthday card out from among the card. The message on the card was for a son.

"When's your son's birthday?" Turbinski asked, politely.

The woman smiled at him, "Next week. He'll be 35 years old."

Turbinski smiled, looking through the cards. He evantually gave up, "None of them are right! I need to find the perfect card for mama Vera."

The woman was silent for a few moments before speaking up, "You know, the best gift doesn't have to be the most expensive one..." she turned and pointed him in the direction of the bargain bin. Turbinski blinked, confused and she gently pushed him in the direction of the bin, "Go on. I'll sure you find the perfect card for your mother in there."

Turbinski glanced back at her before heading over to the bin. He flicked through the cards a few times before one caught his eye. It looked Japanese. Vera loved Japan. She used to live there when she was a teenager. He recongnized the poetry form on the card immediately and smiled widely, heading to the counter to pay for it.

The old woman was paying for her card. She smiled as Turbinski approached the counter, "Did you find what you were looking for?" Turbinski just nodded, smiling.


Turbinski climbed through the garbage disposal chute he had found, back into the hallway and clambering back through to his room. He opened the door and, to his surprise and horror, found Vera herself sitting on his bed, an unreadable look on her face,

"Zdravstvuite comrade." she said quietly, eyeing the dirty clothes and the cap he wore.

"Z-zdravstvuite mama Vera..."

"Where were you?" her voice sounded unusually strained. Turbinski just looked down at the floor. "Come in here Turbie, before Adrik sees those clothes and realises what happened." Turbinski closed the door and moved to sit down by his mother. He moved over and gently hugged her around the waist. Vera's arms encircled Turbinski's shoulders, hugging him back. "Why did you leave the lab?" Vera asked quietly, "Anything could have happened to you."

"I am sorry mama..." Turbinski apologised. He pulled out the slightly bent and dirty card from his trouser pocket, "I went to get you this."

Vera took the card from her surrogate son, the writing was in Japanese, "My mother dearest. How special you are to me. I cannot explain." Her eyes lit up. A haiku! Haikus were her favourite type of poems. She glanced at Turbinski. There was a hopeful look in the Russian's eyes. "You know as an employee of the laborotary, I have to tell Adrik about this." Turbinski's face fell, a tiny glint of fear evident in his eyes. Adrik would be furious with him... Vera continued; "But... as a mother I won't."

A smile broke out on Turbinski's face and he hugged her tightly. Vera smiled, hugging her son back. "Thank you mama..."


Chapter 4: Broken

It was raining furiously outside and Turbinski couldn't sleep. He grumbled and wrapped the pillow around his head to block the noise. It didn't work. The constant sound of rain hitting the window pane was keeping the usually heavy sleeper Russian up. Turbinski evantually gave up and sat up, pulling the bedcovers around his shivering body. His body had got used to mild temperatures in Japan, so Russia seemed colder then usual. Turbinski moved over and switched on the bedside lamp and a dull ray of light lit up the comrade's small room. On the nightstand were two photo frames. The first was of Turbinski and Vera, it had been taken almost twelve years ago, soon after Vera had adopted him. To make them more connected, she had dyed her hair white like his. They were both smiling happily, Turbinski sitting in Vera's lap. The second picture was more recent. It had been taken in the Chojin Crown and was cut out of a newspaper. The picture had been taken when he had been in the middle of his final attack, the Turbo Tail Spin, in his match against Destruction. The photographer was very talented, the photo didn't even look blurred.

A smile graced Turbinski's face as he picked up the photo of him and Vera. She was the nicest, kindest person he had ever met, and the greatest friend he had ever had. Turbinski had even adopted Vera's surname "Ilioukhine" as his own. He plucked a piece of paper from the nightstand that had been under the photo frame and smiled. On it was a haiku Vera had written for him before he left for the Chojin Crown: 'My fallen angel. It pains me to see you hurt. Why are you so sad? Please don't be upset. It's not as bad as you think. I will keep you warm. Do not cry angel. All will be well, you will see. Fly to heaven now.'

Turbinski smiled, placing the haiku and photo back on the nightstand, feeling considerably calmer then before. He lay back down in bed, pulling his covers back over him willing his body to sleep. Turbinski was just drifting off when he heard a yell of anger from outside. Turbinski sighed, rolling his eyes. Someone had pissed off Adrik again. That settled it, there was no way he could sleep now with THAT racket going on outside his room. He pulled himself up, straining to hear what was going on.

"Adrik, calm down!" someone pleaded. There was a sound of something smashing, Turbinski flinched. He was more pissed off then usual. Quietly, he opened the door, sneaking across the hallways. "ADRIK!" someone screamed. Turbinski broke out into a run, finally ending up where the action was. And then there was a sound that ran Turbinski's blood cold before he even realised what was happening.

A gun had gone off. And Vera was the target. Her body spasmed backwards from the impact of the bullet, blood spilling onto the impossibly clean floor. Turbinski was frozen mid run, his mind numb. Vera clambered to remain standing, eyes wide from shock. She stood upright for a few more seconds before crashing to the ground. Turbinski ran to her side, "Mama!" he placed his hand against her chest, her blood coating his fingers from the gun wound. But it was too late. Vera was already gone. The bullet had pierced her heart causing instant death. Turbinski began to shake slightly. Vera... no, this couldn't be happening! Vera was always vibrant, full of life. She couldn't be dead, she couldn't be! "Mama!"

"Get up comrade." Adrik commanded, lowering his weapon. Turbinski didn't move from the floor. Vera's blood was spreading out, around his knees. "GET UP!" he barked. Slowly, Turbinski got to his feet. The Russian's eyes were closed, his back turned to Adrik. "Sorry about that comrade." Adrik said, his voice cold, "She made you weak. You must have NO weaknesses." comrade... the way Adrik said it reminded Turbinski of another. Kevin Mask... Turbinski opened his eyes, glancing back down at Vera's body. No more, it all ends here. Turbinski smirked, his back still turned, "Apology accepted."

Two seconds passed. Turbinski moved so fast Adrik didn't see him. The gun fell to the floor as Turbinski's hands tightened around the man's neck. Adrik choked, his hands clawed desperately at Turbinski's arms, trying to ease the grip around his throat. Turbinski pushed the man back to a table, one hand letting go of his neck to search the contents. Turbinski's hand clasped around a small bottle of liquid. He glanced at the bottle, it was nitrobenzene. The Russian smirked, his other hand tightened around Adrik's throat, cutting off his air supply. Adrik gasped, his eyes widening and his mouth open desperate for air. Turbinski turned the bottle over, pushing the neck of it down the man's mouth. Adrik gagged as the poisonous liquid travelled down his throat. Turbinski watched with satisfaction as the whole bottle was drunk and then let go of the man. He choked, falling to the floor, "Wh-what did you do to me?!"

Turbinski smirked, a vindictive pleasure in his eyes as he watched the man choking. Adrik's body began to spasm, terror evident in his eyes. "Not to long now is it...?" Turbinski crooned. Adrik screamed. And a few moments later his body exploded. Blood and guts were splashed all over the room, Vera's body and Turbinski.

"What the hell is going on here?!?" the guard who just enetered went silent at the sight before him. Turbinski turned to face the guard and he backed away, frightened.

Turbinski smirked. Tonight, there would be a blood bath.


Chapter 5: Memories

Turbinski flew non-stop through the pouring rain. He had been flying for at least eight hours already, the screams of the scientists echoing in his mind. He had killed them one by one, ignoring their pleas for mercy. His Chojin strength allowed him to kill them easily by snapping their necks, sometimes tearing their heads completely off their shoulders as he did. It had been a massacre. Turbinski had then collected his armour and a few measly possessions and left. But not before burning the entire labrotory down to the ground. It had given him a certain satisfaction to see the whole thing burn. He was finally free. Free of the lab, free of Adrik and the scientists - free of restrictions. A dull ache in his heart reminded him of the mother he had lost. Before destroying the lab, he had cremated Vera's body and sealed her ashes in a small box which was currently in the bag with the rest of his possessions. Tears burned Turbinski's eyes as he flew. His Vera was gone forever. As his sadness grew, so did his anger and want for revenge.

The reason Vera was killed because she was seen as a weakness. Turbinski would not have seemed weak if Kevin Mask hadn't have beaten him so brutally in the Chojin Crown semifinals. Kevin hadn't just beaten him - he had trashed the Russian. There was no way he could have fought Kevin after the Big Ben Bash, yet he had still gone and used that OLAP. And then, if that wasn't enough, he had hurled the powerless comrade over the Sky Cube Ring! Rage flooded Turbinski's veins. It was all Kevin's fault! He had to pay. That android too. Turbinski was designed to be better then any human or robot. He should have won! An angered cry tore itself from the Russian's throat and in response he flew faster over the sea. The moon's rays glinted off the comrade's body as memories of Vera flooded his mind...



"Yes Turbie?"

"I heard some of the scientists talking about something called 'copulation'. And they were giggling about it. What does it mean?"

Vera choked on her coffee, looking down at Turbinski and the wide curious look in his eyes. She coughed slightly, "...I'll tell you when you're older."


"Turbie, wanna watch some videos?"

Turbinski didn't look up from his bed, "I've seen them all, at least a hundred times."

A chuckle from Vera made him look up. The Russian woman pulled out two videos from her coat pocket, "I smuggled them in from outside." Turbinski was speechless. He sat up on his bed, looking at the videos. They were both Disney titles, Aladdin and The Lion King. "Just don't tell Adrik, deal?"

Turbinski nodded, smiling, "Okay!"


"So you're off to the Chojin Crown huh?" Turbinski turned around, his eyes brightening, "Hello mama Vera." Vera smiled, she was shorter then her surrogate son now. Turbinski held her around the shoulders, hugging her gently. Vera patted his back, "Just be caredul, alright Turbie?"

"I will mama, I promise."


Tears spilled from Turbinski's eyes. He was now flying over land, he had finally arrived in Japan. The pain he felt in his heart was unbearable and he went in for a clumsy landing, almost crashing into a tree. As he sat beside the tree, the dam in his hearty broke and he burst into tears, screaming Vera's name. The Russian crawled into the fetal position and cried, sobs of anguish and loss escaping him.

What was he supposed to do now? He wasn't strong enough to defeat Kevin Mask. In despair, he pulled away the armour covering his right arm and tore into the flesh using the armour plate. The physical pain blocked out the emotional anguish he felt and watching his blood drop to the ground was strangely satisfying. He pulled himself up using the tree to lean on and walked throught the forests, calmly.

He finally knew where he was going.


Chapter 6: Darkness

It was cold, colder then the usual mild Japan temperatures. Turbinski had his arms wrapped around himself, shivering as he followed a masked person who was leading him through the forest. The guilt of what he had done to the scientists had finally sunk in, leaving a cold feeling inside him. He was a murderer. He had killed the people who raised him. They probably had families of their own, and he had brutally murdered them just like the way Vera had been stolen from him. He was a heartless monster.

Turbinski's quest had finally brought him here, just moments away from making what could possibly be the worst mistake in his life. The man had stopped, kicking open a door on the ground, showing stone steps leading underground. "This way." the man lit a candle that he had in his cloak, leading the comrade down the steps. Turbinski followed, the door snapping shut behind him, the cold now blocked from reaching the Russian. He put his arms down and followed the man down the steps. There was a few twists and turns before they reached the bottom, maybe about a quarter of a mile underground. The man pulled down the cloak covering his face, "Heh, I'm impressed. I didn't think a goody-two shoes like yourself would follow me even half the way here."

"I have changed considerably since the the semi-finals of the Chojin Crown."

Pumpinator snorted, "Yeah I can see. Come on, we're almost there." he rose the candle so the light beamed directly on the door in front of them. Turbinski noticed a small circle in the middle of the large door where the light was beamed into. Pumpinator glanced at him, "So... why are you here anyway? Did playing the victim get too much for you to handle?"

"What?" Turbinski asked, drawing his attention from the light to Pumpinator.

The shoe Chojin snorted, "Yeah, that's what they've been calling you, the victim of the Chojin Crown." the door creaked open. Turbinski wondered how it was able to do that, maybe they had something that turned the light into kinetic energy that opened the door? He'd ask about it later... he followed Pumpinator deep into the base.

"Why am I the victim? Other people got hurt more then I did. Like Blocks, he actually died in the tournament."

Pumpinator shrugged his shoulders as he led the Russian, "Dunno. Probably because you were such a good guy, and the fact that Kevin did tear off your arms after all..." Turbinski tensed slightly but said nothing. Pumpinator suddenly stopped and turned to look at him, "That's why you're here, isn't it? You wanna get stronger to defeat Kevin!"

Turbinski remained tense, "So what if it is?"

Pumpinator chuckled, "Hey, nothing wrong with that, almost half the guys here joined cuz they wanted to kill someone."

Turbinski tensed even more, "I never said I wanted to kill him, just make him suffer!"

Pumpinator laughed, lightly punching the comrade on the shoulder, "Right... you'll make a fine member of the dMp comrade." he looked around, "We're here." Turbinski glanced around the hallway. A number of doors cluttered the hallway. Pumpinator opened the one in the center. Many dMp members were in there, including some of the older dMp members. They all glanced towards the door as it opened. Turbinski found himself sweating slightly, what if they didn't believe he was serious about this? What if they thought he was a Muscle League spy? He was in their territory, they could do anything to him.

"Uh... hi!" he said, waving nervously towards them.

"Yous gotta be kidding me..." came Mars's voice out of the crowd.

"Everyone, calm down." Pumpinator put one arm around Turbinski's shoulder, "He's one of us."

"YOU SAID THE SAME THING ABOUT KEVIN MASK!" one of them yelled. There were mumbles of agreement from all around.

"Alright, I admit it, I made a mistake with Kevin, but this is different. Turbinski is one of us, I know it."

"EVERYONE SETTLE DOWN!" yelled an aging voice from the back. Turbinski paled slightly when the speaker stepped forward. This was Junkman, one of the original "Devil Knights". Turbinski wondered how many of the original Devil Knights had been reseructed without anyone's knowledge... Junkman glanced at the other dMp members, "We'll test him. If he proves himself, then he is free to join us. If not, then he will die." he looked over at the Russian, "Do you agree to these terms Comrade Turbinski?"


Chapter 7: Restrained

Despondent in my way
But what can I do?
A reason to be concerned
When my rights are abused
Penchant for disorder,
Disorder for a cause
Helping hands make light work
To smash down these walls

Standing above the city of bright lights, Turbinski watched as the people below went about their normal lives. Men, women, children, familes. They were laughing, having fun. Enjoying life. He wondered what it would be like, to be free like that. The time he had spent in the Chojin Crown, Turbinski had experienced freedom. He had enjoyed it. But his freedom had come at a price. A price he wouldn't have been willing to pay.


A cloak covered Turbinski's body, hiding the armour and headgear from view. Not like anyone could notice when he was all the way up here. It was amazing really. Turbinski had never noticed how... inferior they looked from up here. That was something he would have never thought before joining up with the dMp. They were so tiny. Like insects. Turbinski shivered at the thought.

To be taken advantage of, an opportunity for self gain
Fueled by selfish desire, to put right my ways
Pain fills my heart, anger fuels my pain
A meaning for my reason, in a world that's so insane

The roar of a motorbike made Turbinski turn slightly, looking in the other direction. He had advanced hearing abilities thanks to his mehanical implants. His anger flared as he saw Kevin Mask driving around the city on his motorbike. Turbinski stepped forward, about to fly down there when someone grabbed his arm,

"Calm down my friend! You're not strong enough to fight him right now!"

Turbinski glanced back at the other Chojin, "Let go of me Ricardo! I have to fight him!"

Ricardo shook his head, fangs clacking together. "Junkman assigned me to see over your test, you must take the test."

Turbinski pushed the Demon Chojin back, "LET GO OF ME YOU FREAK!"

Ricardo fell back, eyes wide, lost his footing and fell over the side of the building. Turbinski froze, horrified at what he had done, "Ricardo!" he threw off the cloak and flew down, grabbing the Brazillian before he hit the ground. Ricardo was whimpering slightly in Turbinski's arms, people ducked as Turbinski flew overhead back up to the building.

Turbinski helped Ricardo back onto the building, breathing hard. That had taken a lot out of him and the Brazillian wans't exactly light. Ricardo had curled up into a little ball, shivering. "Ricardo... I'm sorry..." Turbinski apologized, "I don't know what came over me..." he reached out and touched Ricardo's shoulder, "I just saw Kevin... and I lost it..."

Ricardo glanced up, his orange eyes wide in sad innocene. Turbinski felt terrible. Despite what Ricardo had done in the past, he was still only a child inside. Turbinski glanced back down to where he had spot Kevin, but the knight had disappeared.

Breathing down your neck
Time presses on
Can't change yesterday,
It's already gone
I won't despair,
I can't pretend
Take the bull by the horns
And fight till the end

Ricardo hissed sadly, drawing Turbinski's attention back to him. The comrade sighed, helping the Brazillian stand. Ricardo's posture was slightly bent as he glanced over the side of the building, ignoring Turbinski for the most part. Turbinski leaned over, resting against a few boxes. Ricardo clackled his fangs together, "Come on." Turbinski threw back his cloak and followed Ricardo down the stairs.


Blood. Too much blood. Turbinski felt sick. These were innocent people and he had slaughtered them just for the chance to be in the dMp. So much blood... it reminded him of the scientists... Turbinski closed his eyes, willing the meories away then stepped back, away from the bodies. Ricardo was hissing again, "Yes... very good... I shall report back to the others."

Turbinski glanced towards Ricardo, "Did I pass?"

"That is not for me to decide. Come friend, we must return to the base."

Ricardo led Turbinski out of the building, but the Russian stopped before he reached the door. He glanced back at the bodies, Turbinski could hear someone whimpering. He stepped back. Ricardo glanced in, "What is it?"

Turbinski put a hand up, urging Ricardo to be quiet. He then walked towards a storage closet from where the whimpering was coming from. The Russian opened the door and the person inside screamed. Turbinski went pale. It was a child, a young boy about eight years old.

Ricardo clacked his fangs uneasily, "What are we supposed to do? Junkman said no witnesses... but..."

Neither of them wanted to kill a child. Ricardo and Turbinski glanced at each other, nervously. Turbinski opened his arms, "Come here kid, I'm not going to hurt you." the boy shrank further into the closet, crying.

Ricardo was freaking out, "Shut him up!" Turbinski shot forward, grabbing the boy and covering his mouth to stop the screaming.

"What is taking so long?!?" came a muffled voice. Turbinski jumped at the voice, Ricardo pulled out a walkie talkie from his cloak. "We have a problem, Junkman!"

"What kind of problem?"

"There's a kid here."

"So? Dispose of it."

They both went silent, looking at each other. Junkman's voice came through the speaker much louder, "DISPOSE OF IT NOW!"

Turbinski swallowed and snapped the boy's neck, killing him painlessly. Turbinski threw the boy's body to the ground, grabbing Ricardo's arm. "Let's go now, before someone finds us here!" there were tears spilling down Turbinski's cheeks from under the headgear.

He... had no choice.

Enraged with good reason
Is your cause for alarm
No subtlety in my reaction
Or my indignant charm
Fight for relief,
Choice of belief
What is to be taken away
Is the beginning of the end.


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