father's death

rating: G
genre: Angst
characters: Sneagator Junior, Sneagator
warnings: Character death
summary: After the match with Kinnikuman, Snegator is on his bed as Junior looks on.
author's notes: Just a Junior drabble I wrote a while back.


This was not supposed to be happening. Snegator was in his early thirties... he had a life in front of him. Ned said that nothing could be done - Junior's father, the great Snegator, was dying. Junior was silent, watching his father gasping for each breath. There were tears filling the boy’s eyes, his hands shaking in his lap. Footsteps drew Junior's attention to the door; it was Akuma Shogun. Junior cast his eyes down, willing the tears to go away. He couldn't cry in front of their master. Crying was a weakness. Ned was looking over Snegator from the other side of the bed. He glanced up as Akuma entered the room and bowed respectfully, "He has a few more minutes left, at the most."

Junior's whole body was shaking by now. Snegator weakly opened his eyes, glancing down at his son, "Junior...?" The boy’s head shot up, "Father." he reached over and placed his dark green hand over his father's pale one. Snegator smiled at his son, "Here, this is yours now." he reached over and plucked a book out from the nightstand by the bed, handing it to his son. Junior looked at the cover - his father's book of secrets. Tears were prickling at Junior's eyes again. Snegator eyes closed, his body shaking in pain, but his hand found its way to his son's shoulder and squeezed it affectionately.

A few moments later it was all over. Snegator's hand fell from his son's shoulder, falling limply to the side of the bed. There was a peaceful look on his face. Junior buried his face into the back of the book, hiding his tears from view. Someone clasped his shoulder and he looked up. Surprisingly, it was Akuma Shogun looking down at him. Junior cast his eyes back to the floor, looking at his father's book. Ned headed over to the boy and lead him back outside to the main room of the Devil Knights base. Junior glanced back at his father's body, the tears now flooding his cheeks. Kinnikuman would pay for this, he would pay for what he did.