rating: G
genre: Angst
characters: Sneagator Junior, Sneagator
warnings: None
summary: Junior fails to understand why the first group of Demon Chojin aren't coming home.
author's notes: Just another small drabble I wrote about Junior. I need to write more about the Devil Knights.


It had become very lonely in the base recently. Junior often found himself on his own while his father and the other knights trained. He couldn't remember it ever being this lonely before. Atlantis usually played with him and they would play practical jokes on some of the other knights. Or Mountain would give him piggy back rides.

On rare occasions, Buffaloman allowed Junior to hang out with him and would tell him all types of funny jokes some of which he hadn't really understood but laughed anyway. His father had heard some of these jokes once, and hurried him away, his green face unusually red in certain places.

But Atlantis, Mountain and Buffaloman weren't here anymore. They had left a while ago with a few of the others. Junior waited by the steps of the underground base every day, hoping to hear SteCase's song of triumph, or see Black Hole get pissed off at someone and send them to another dimension. He even missed Kamen, although they hadn't got on along very well.

That was how Snegator had found him one night, practically half-asleep on the bottom step. Junior allowed his father to take him back to his quarters, yawning a little as Snegator tucked him into his bed. "Daddy, when are Buffaloman and the others coming back?"

Snegator sighed, gently stroking his boy's forehead, "Son... they're not coming back." Junior turned to look at him, "Why not?"

Snegator closed his eyes, "Its not like they don't want to come back son, they just can't..." he shook his head, "Look I'll explain when you're older okay?"

"But daddy..." Junior protested. Snegator suddenly hugged him, "Just go to sleep okay Junior? It's late and growing Knights like yourself need sleep."

Junior frowned, Snegator moved forward and gave him a small kiss on the forehead, "Go to sleep son."

"Okay..." Junior turned on his side.

Snegator stroked his son's forehead and watched him sleep before standing up and heading outside. Akuma Shogun's eyes glowed a little when Snegator shut the door to his and Junior's room, "What kind of bullcrap was that? Tell him the truth Snegator. They failed and they paid the ultimate price for it."

Inside the room, Junior looked up at the ceiling, tears stinging his eyes. After that night, he stopped waiting for them.