protect your own

rating: PG
genre: General
characters: Atlantis, Devil Choujin
warnings: None
summary: Atlantis thinks about the Blood Bind.
author's notes: ...I really did dislike Atlantis before I wrote those two fics about him. Now I sort off semi-like him. Anyway, I was re-watching my volume 6 Kinnikuman DVD and it got me to thinking about the Blood Bind the Demon Chojins have.


We are Demons Chojins, cast under Akuma Shogun. The Justice Chojins tell us we could never understand their Power Of Friendship. The truth is we don't need too. We have a power that is remarkably like it in so many ways. Our Blood Bind. It helps us in ways they could never see or predict.

When we die, we help each other, we're there for each other. And we save each other. The Blood Bind is apparantly older then Akuma himself. And heaven's knows how old he is. The Bind has been saving Demon Chojins for as long as they've been around. Perhaps back to the time of the Perfect Chojin themselves.

How the Bond works is a complete mystery and it's damn confusing too, even to someone like master Akuma himself. Neutrals say that the bond is there because we're so vengeful. True, us knights would naturally want vengeance is something happened to us or one of our own. The same can be said for Justice Chojins. The difference between us though is that they will fight with honor where however we will go all out, even if that breaks rules or is less then honorable. Sometimes, a Justice Chojin can accidentally stretch his honor. Like Terryman. In his match with Mountain after he learned of the deaths of Robin Mask, Warsman and Rikishiman, he almost completely lost it.

Terryman's want for vengeance was enormous. Buffaloman said that even master Akuma felt it. I was watching the match when Terryman lost control. He struck out and attacked the referee. He broke the rules, almost snapped his honour like a weak piece of string. If it were not for slamming his prosthetic leg against the canvas and the pain taking over his want to kill Mountain, Terryman could have become a Demon Chojin.

That's how some of us Demon Chojins came to be. There are two ways that a Chojin can become a Demon, want for power and want for vengeance. I myself became a Demon Chojin because of an unfortunate accident that happened when I was younger. My race, an underwater civilisation, were wiped out by humans. For me it was want for vengeance that caused me to join master Akuma. For others, like Buffaloman, it was want for power. And the bond between all us knights was extremely powerful. It let us do something that the Justice Chojin's Bond Of Friendship could never do. It allowed us to help each other even in death. Through blood of their own bodies, the dead knights would attach themself to whomever was fighting and allow us to stop them from hurting their alive comrade.

I sighed, resting back in the changing room. Soon I would go out and fight Kinnikuman, the one who had taken two of our friends, SteCase and Black Hole, away from us. Yes, I used the word friend. Because ultimately, that's what we all are. Friends. "Atlantis." I turn slightly to see Springman and Buffaloman. I wave at them and they walk over to sit next to me. Buffaloman leans on his hand, pressing it against his chin, apparantly in deep though. He finally shaved that ridicoulous beard off, thank god. I think birds were starting to nest in it. We don't talk much before my match, I think the others are silently mourning our fallen comrades. SteCase. Black Hole. Mountain. Mister Kamen.


"Wait! Before you leave Buffaloman, we will invoke in the power of the Blood Bind."

"...Forgive my rudeness master Akuma, but we don't need that power. We will defeat the Justice Chojins and comes back with their heads!"

"Just a precaution Buffaloman. Just in case one, or more, of your team doesn't come back."

"Very well..."

The fourteen members of the Devil Knights came together to call on the power of the Demon Chojin's Blood Bind. To connect and help each other if one perishes in the heat of battle.


I look up and bring my hand in the middle of the three of us. Springman and Buffaloman look at me oddly for a few seconds before they both smile and place their hands over mine. Buffaloman speaks; "The deaths of our fellow knights will not make us weaker, but stronger in battle. Becuase they're always here with us. In life. And in death." A cold air blows around us, and four ghostly hands are placed on top of ours. We look up and there they are, our fallen friends. They seperated from Kinnikuman for a moment to come see us.

"We're behind you every step of the way Atlantis" Mister Kamen says, jabbing his thumb at me. I always was one of the weakest of the knights, but with my fellow knights around me supporting me in this fight I could win. I knew I could beat Kinnikuman. And avenge their deaths. They grin at us before vanishing, going back to Kinnikuman to stop him from winning. I look back at Buffaloman and Springman, grinning at them and then make my way to the ring.